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If you have a smile, we will have achieved what we are looking for, you will have only one mission: to transmit this smile and to pass through our shop. As nothing is easy in this bitch of life ... it's up to you to find the link to the store!


Art is like a mirror, it reflects our soul.

How does a work of art work? By what magic can what we usually see in front of our eyes be invested with a special aura? From what resources can the artist create a world that looks like nothing else and yet, by looking, reading or listening, finds an echo? Only you can answer these questions, and as we have great confidence in you, we give you the opportunity to reflect on them at home. By purchasing a limited edition or even a unique work directly from our store.

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If you haven't figured it out yet, Lorderey is a subversive and politically incorrect collective. Here is an excerpt from our know-how.

They're talking about us in the news.

Why Lorderey?

And we, we ask you questions? I don't think so ... ok. Why Lorderey? Of course to share our ideas and our art that we think is modestly simple. Here humour is the easiest way to lead you to the end of our thinkings. But don't be fooled, our lightness may be to immerse you in greater thoughts than you might think.

Maybe more complex than it seems. Each person judges the other with their truths. Often considered the pessimistic philosopher par excellence, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) saw in art a way to comfort himself for life, which he thought was only effort and suffering. The German philosopher saw art as a palliative allowing us to escape from the blind mechanics of instinct.

At the end of the 18th century, Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) witnessed the birth of museum in Europe. Paradoxically, this leads him to develop one of the key ideas of his thought: art, as we know it, is dead. "Art, or at least its supreme destination, is for us something of the past", writes the philosopher in his Esthétique. But what exactly does this mean?

Art and Humor : If the use of humour in art has only been legitimized since modern times, these two terms nevertheless belong to the same psychic domain.
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For a more exhilarating life, surround yourself with art !
The art is hidden in the smallest details: a word, a curve, a gesture, a breath, a leaf... We capture them to give them for you.
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